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Due to the fact that HTML5 was invented, we can now play pokies on our iPhones, which is a great thing. This new software for mobile casinos supports all the versions of this Apple’s phone, and allows you to play some great gambling games. Usually  iPhone pokies allows you to play only some of the most popular pokies on your smart phone, but the good news is the fact that usually, these are the best games out there. With the invention of HTM5 and the latest developments in the field of this web standard, it is now possible to play various pokies games for real money on your iPhone, from your very own home.In the past, pokies were played using Adobe Flash; well, not all of the pokies games, but a vast majority of them. This was pretty bad for the iPhone users, due to the fact that Apple does not quite support Adobe. But, now the iPhone users can rejoice, because they too can play online pokies. These online pokies are great because, while playing them, there is absolutely no need whatsoever for you to create your own profile on one of the casino websites.iphone-pokies

Also, there is no need whatsoever to download this program on your iPhone. There are some demo games that all iPhone users get, that can be played online instantly. Now, you are playing the game for free credit, but that’s not a bad thing, because it will help you learn what it’s like to play the real game.

And plus, you won’t lose any real money if you are not great at it. There is also a chance to play pokies for real money, and you can also do this now via your iPhone. All you have to do is to click on the button in the app that says “real money” And then, you’ll start playing for real money, which means that you have to start taking this game a lot more seriously. You can click this button at any stage, and there is no prerequirement that you must have in order to do so.unnamed (1) Maybe it wasn’t so in the past, but today, iPhones make a great platform for online pokies games. The games look great, as do all the games on a Apple device, and the audio is pretty good as well. But, this does not mean that Android users cannot enjoy online pokies. They can, and there is a special set of games just for them, and if you own an Android phone, you should really check them out. Apple has dominated the Smartphone market, but in recent years Android, most notably Samsung, has started catching up to them. However, Apple will persevere due to the fact that it has a loyal army of supporters. It is still going to push the boundaries, and it is already doing it with some new advancement in their technology. So, we can expect that the android pokies will only get better and better, which is a great news for all of us who enjoy a game or two every now and then.

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